“Support our Service Personnel and their Families throughout their time in the Armed Forces, thus ensuring a successful Career and Transition back into civilian life.”

Who we are

Direct Transitioning Help Charity delivers transitional help to prepare soldiers and their families transition from military to civilian life and enable their return to active service.

The issues that face our service personnel and their families are often the result of service life; our aim is to work in unison with the Armed Forces and other charitable organisations to resolve these issues and prevent future occurrence, thus, ensuring the best possible future for all…

“The torment of mental health, a soldiers’ battle: A soldier’s fight is never with transparency; the enemy comes in many forms yet non-more poignant than from within…

A family cannot fight that which cannot be seen… But together we can! Direct Transitioning Help; understand your battle…”


We are looking to others for help to support our cause. Sponsorship and donations are a vital resource needed to fund our research, run our workshops and outreach projects, and pay for our psychologists and coaches. Your support will help keep them on the right path. We look to them for protection is it not just that they call upon us in their hour of need?